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The patent pending Exhaust Fan Interceptor (EFI) is the only product on the market that not only processes rain water, allowing it to escape freely, but facilitates wash water recovery during servicing. 

The EFI is a specially designed NFPA96 Complaint receptacle to handle waste oil in order to comply with fire regulations, maintain the integrity of the roof system and protect the storm drain.

Each Unit Will:

  Prevent 600 gallons of caustic chemicals from entering the storm system per year (Based on a quarterly exhaust cleaning schedule)
  Allow unlimited amounts of rain to escape the fan without flooding grease onto the roof
  Prevent early roof replacement
  Keep your roof and area presentable for fire inspections
  Prevent oil tracking/spreading
  Be Fire Safe
  Digest and handle all the grease you can possibly cook up
  Will capture grease release from exhaust fans – all types of grease and oils will be captured and allow only water to escape
  Will work in all weather conditions